Student Wellbeing

St Joseph’s strives to create an optimal learning environment where students feel safe, supported and respected and where a strong sense of belonging is experienced through their connection to their peers, school, family and community.

It is crucial that students feel a sense of belonging and connectedness within their lives, family and community. This sense of belonging and being in relationship with others builds and strengthens the ability of learners to understand and manage their emotions, develop their sense of self, their agency and their resilience in the face of difficulty, challenge or adversity. (Horizons of Hope)

Each member of our school community assumes an important role in promoting student wellbeing. We recognise that students are more able to engage fully with their learning when their social, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing is healthy and when they possess a strong sense of self-worth. Enhanced student wellbeing is integral to improving student learning outcomes.

St Joseph’s provides initiatives and programs to enhance student wellbeing by meeting the individual needs of all students. These include:

  • Kids Matter
  • Lunchtime Clubs
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • Social Skills programs
  • A Restorative Justice approach to behaviour management
  • Transition and buddy programs
  • Meditation opportunities
  • Student Leadership
  • Cyber Safety Programs
  • Seasons program
  • Co-curricular activities

Together with the classroom teachers, students’ wellbeing is supported by our:

  • School Psychologist
  • Individual Needs Leader
  • School Nurse